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Could Dekton Be The New Quartz?

You probably want to refurbish your home’s interior after years of living with the same design, or maybe you are fascinated by rocks, a petrology enthusiast. Whatever the case, you correctly understand that knowing the features of rocks is crucial in helping you make up your mind about your personal and home projects.

Most interior designers will tell you that quartz is an excellent material for building long-lasting worktops. Some will even swear by quartz while giving reasons why you should consider using the material. In as much as it is a low maintenance material, there is a new kid on the block whose qualities surpass people’s expectations. The material is no other than Dekton.

Introduced in 2013, Dekton was created to mimic natural stone. Ever since then, it has been a favourite building material for architects, home designers, and consumers. Unaffected by the most stubborn stains like oil and wine, Dekton worktops are by far the most stain resistant building material. Just like quartz, their surfaces can easily be wiped, leaving it stainless. That said, let’s take a more in-depth look into this fantastic material.

What is Dekton?

Dekton is a blend of various raw materials used to produce high-quality porcelain and glass work surfaces. It is made by making use of the Sintered Particle Technology, which is similar to the metamorphic process, which makes use of pressure and temperature.

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Pros and Cons of Dekton


  • It is perfect for outdoor dining and kitchen areas due to its high resistance to UV rays and water.
  • According to Consumer Reports, Dekton is the perfect worktop material because it is resistant to cuts, heat, stains, and abrasion.
  • Home Depot describes it as a scratch-resistant material that cannot be stained or scorched.
    Concreate, quartzite, marble, and granite require sealing and maintenance by periodic resealing. Unlike all the mentioned materials, Dekton doesn’t need sealing.
  • This material is quite affordable. It is cheaper than granite, quartzite, marble, and quartz even when they are not yet installed.
  • It can be used for building façade, flooring, and siding material.
  • Dekton users are guaranteed that when they use the material for building worktops and other purposes, Dekton will serve them for at least 25 years as long as it was installed professionally.
  • It is cheaper than most worktop materials, and will cost much less than granite, quartz or marble.
  • It is not vulnerable to heat.


  • Like most precious elements or materials, Dekton is hard to come by. It is only sold by specific retailers such as CK Stone Limited.
  • Dekton projects are not DIY projects because they must be installed professionally. As such, you cannot save money by installing it on your own.
  • During a testing project, Consumer Reports dropped different heavy objects on countertops made of different materials. Of all of the materials, the edges of Dekton chipped, and it is the only material that split entirely.

CK Stone can help create your dream kitchen with our Dekton worktops in Essex. We also offer other popular materials, so feel free to get in touch to find out more.


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