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How to Keep Your Granite Gleaming

The online search term “granite worktops near me” will normally produce a handful of relevant results based upon your location. While there is no doubt that these granite worktop suppliers are able to offer a host of unique solutions for your home, the fact of the matter is that maintenance is always a key concern. This is why it is important to appreciate how to polish and seal granite so that these surfaces can last for decades at a time with only a limited amount of maintenance. Let’s take a look at how you can keep your granite worktops in pristine condition.

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Basic Maintenance Tips

A common online query such as “how to clean granite worktops” will offer up a host of suggestions and yet, these can be confusing. A handful of basic tips should first be mentioned. It can be argued that the most important tip is to avoid using harsh abrasives. As granite is a porous stone, these formulations can actually damage the surface and lead to pitting. It is much better to use a mild detergent or a solution that has been specifically designed to clean granite worktops.

Another worthwhile recommendation to keep in mind involves the type of cloth used when cleaning. Choose a soft and absorbent material such as cotton or terry (the same fabrics used when washing a car). These are less likely to scratch the surface of your worktop.

A Bit of Prevention Will Go a Long Way

Many granite worktop suppliers will highlight the importance of using a sealant. Granite sealants will help to protect the underlying surface from damage. It will also ensure that the colour of the stone itself does not fade over time.

At CK Stone Limited, our installation services include sealing, so your worktop will be ready for use straight away. The process coats the new stone with a thin layer of sealant which prevents dirt, stains or food getting trapped in the stone and spoiling the appearance, similar to varnishing wood. We always recommend sealing granite worktops, especially when they are light coloured, as it protects the stone and maintains a bright finish for a long time.

Is it Wise to Polish This Stone?

Should you attempt to polish granite worktops? In the majority of cases, certain surfaces (such as grey granite worktops) can be addressed by using the right liquid and by following the associated instructions. However, be sure that this takes place before the sealant is applied.

Tips to Find the Best Granite Worktops Near Me

CK Stone Limited boasts 35 years of experience within the industry. There is no doubt that you will be pleased with what we have to offer. Answering the question “how can I find quality granite worktops near me?” has never been easier when working with our team of professionals.


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