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Marble Worktops That Are A Feast For The Eyes

Marble may be often seen as an overly expensive and super luxurious material, but it’s actually more affordable than you may think. There are also many kinds of marble worktop, some more expensive than others. Below we’re going to look at a handful of examples where marble is used to create stunning kitchen designs that wow. 


Black Island Worktop With Blue Tones

Here we can see an example of cool tones being used to highlight the kitchen island. The tones also match that of the silver appliances. Lights used are LED, so no warm tones are added. The style is very clean and modern, perfect for any home.

marble worktops essex


Grey Dappled Marble Countertops For L Shaped Kitchen Island

Another use of marble for an island, but with a different shape. The dapple effect gives the surface a more textured feel against the solid white and grey blocks used on cupboards and walls. Although this too uses cool blue tones, there are elements of warmness with the small potted plants.

marble worktops essex

Industrial Kitchen With Thick Grey Marble Worktop

A very clean and simple design, using industrial style materials to highlight the very little there is in this minimalist kitchen. Cool tones are used on the walls to match the grey kitchen island, but warmth is added through brassy taps and light, as well as copper style island stools.

marble worktops essex

Modern Design With Handleless Cupboards and Grey Marble

The lack of handles gives the kitchen here a very streamline and clean look. It’s also very helpful in tighter kitchens, where there is slightly less space. Cool tones are used, using objects and decoration to add in a splash of colour. 

marble worktops essex

Making Use of a Feature Wall With Minimalist Marble Countertops

This kitchen makes use of the backsplash and creates a textured design that makes the room feel more homely. Warm lighting and accessories also contribute to a welcoming feel. There is also use of marble countertops with less texture, giving a cleaner look.

marble worktops essex

A Large White Marble Island For The Whole Family

What better way to make a house a home than to have space the whole family can enjoy? This large island boasts a marble worktop, which also pours over the sides. It is a warm and inviting room with gold lighting fixtures and brown leather seating.

marble worktops essex

Mixing Wood With Dazzling White Marble Countertops

The wood used in this kitchen gives a hugely warm feel, with the addition of colour from the cooker. The marble is used in a variety of places, from the kitchen island to the wall patterns. This room cleverly uses white lower down to give a sense of space, putting darker elements higher up. A modern but very homely kitchen.

marble worktops essex

An Abstract Room With A Range of Textures

This room, unlike others, makes more use of different textures. From the honeycomb wall to the marble countertops and wooden under-counter area. There are also flashes of orange on the white cupboards and warm lighting used. This worktop also flows over the sides and cascades down to the floor.

marble worktops essex

Like what you see? We can help you create your dream kitchens with our marble worktops in Essex. We also offer other popular materials, so feel free to get in touch to find out more.


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