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Mimic Natural Stone with a Dekton Worktop

Dekton is a man-made worktop material created using a process which emulates and accelerates the natural high temperature and pressure which, over thousands of years, creates the natural stones used for worktops. The high temperature and pressure fuses the minerals together, resulting in an ultra-compact stone which is similar to ceramic, the ideal surface for a kitchen worktop. Out of all options for worktops, Dekton worktops are the most stain resistant, unaffected by even the most notoriously stubborn stains such as coffee, wine and oil – these can easily be wiped away from the surface with no stain left behind.

Incredibly Resistant Dekton Work Surfaces

The lack of resin means there’s no attack on the dekton worktop by organic solvents, and common chemicals found in the home – like bleach or oven degreasers – won’t harm Dekton. It’s also incredibly heat and light resistant, meaning it can be used outdoors and in spots here it could be exposed to direct heat; putting down your hots pans won’t cause the surface to crack or char.

Practical, Low Maintenance, and Good-Looking Worktops

One of the characteristics that makes Dekton worktops stand out, other than it’s practical qualities, is it’s appearance. Although most worktop surfaces will also offer levels of stain and heat resistance, Dekton offers looks which can’t be found with other natural worktops. The range of finishes it comes in include matte, polished, and textured, offering unique looks. Kitchens are transformed with modern looks such matte grey and polished black finishes.

Another advantage of Dekton over natural surfaces is the fact that it doesn’t ever require sealing to retain its resistance to stains and it’s appearance.

If you decide on a Dekton worktop, then we can begin the project with our specialist templating service. We’ll survey your kitchen or outside space to get a precise idea of what we’re working with, consulting with you at every step so that the new worktops you have in mind become a reality just as you had envisioned.

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