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Stain-Resistant Neolith Kitchen Countertops

Neolith has been described as the next generation of worktops. These sintered porcelain slabs come in large sizes which can be cut to fit any kitchen, as well as coming in a huge range of colours and finishes. Although manufactured, it’s eco-friendly, being made up entirely of natural products, the colours made of natural pigments, and it’s expected lifetime of durability making it a one-time, sustainable purchase.

Like other manufactured worktop surfaces, Neolith worktops do not stain – it’s non-porous, completely resistant to stains without needing to be sealed first. It’s durability rivals every other worktop option, with a hard surface that is resistant to heat and scratches  – a must for kitchens with hot pans and sharp knives in heavy use.

Unique Characteristics Of Neolith Worktops

Appearance wise, Neolith worktops offer more unique characteristics. It’s thickness can vary from 12mm to 5mm, with the thinnest format able to be used as cladding for cupboards, walls and floors. This variation in the thickness allows for greater choice in the look of your worktops, with a thinner format offering minimalist looks. It’s available in up to 35 colours, with a look for every style of kitchen.

As a surface, Neolith offers a combination of the advantages of many of other options; the strength and durability of granite, the sophisticated look of marble, and the simplicity of quartz. If you decide on a Neolith worktop, then your project can begin with our specialist templating service. We’ll survey your kitchen to get a precise idea of what we’re working with, consulting with you at every step so that the new worktops you have in mind become a reality just as you had envisioned.

Your kitchen can be transformed with Neolith worktops; If you’re interested, get in touch with us today for a quote or to arrange an initial consultation.


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