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The Various Uses For Granite

Granite is one of the world’s toughest materials. A natural stone formed by extreme heat and pressure underground, it has been used in buildings for thousands of years. We’ve put together a list of some of the great uses for this resilient stone.

Core Strength

Ancient buildings and structures including Roman bridges, cathedrals, and the Egyptian pyramids all use granite as the core of strength at their centres. It was also commonly used for pillars, since it can be polished to a stunning sheen or clad in other stones.


It’s important for monuments to stand the test of time, so granite is often used to craft them. From gravestones to the Mount Rushmore monument, granite has an important place in history and preservation.


Granite has a beautiful sheen when polished, so it’s often used along with marble for stone flooring. Granite’s subtle patterns contrast well with marble’s veining.

Bathroom Tiles

Modern tech can cut granite in to thin slabs, making it an ideal choice for bathroom tiles.

Staircases and Mantelpieces

Granite stairs and mantels make use of the stone’s combination of practicality and beauty; they won’t wear out or catch fire.

Granite Kitchen Worktops

Granite is a popular choice for kitchen worktops. Being waterproof, heat and stain resistant, easy to clean and difficult to damage make it a great practical choice as well as an aesthetic one.

Granite Worktops from CK Stone

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