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Are You Dreaming of a White Quartz Christmas?

If you’re looking to renovate your kitchen, you might love the look of white for your worktops. You might also steer clear because of how easily the mess caused by preparing and eating your meals could spoil the bright, light colour. However, when it comes to white Quartz worktops, there’s nothing to worry about! We’ll take you through some of the benefits of this material in this article.


It has a bright, fresh look

A white worktop will always bring a fresh, clean look to your kitchen. As long as it’s cleaned regularly, your Quartz worktop will always have a stunning white sheen.


quartz worktop


It’s a man-made engineered stone

Quartz is entirely man made, which gives it loads of benefits that you won’t get with some natural stones. These include it being non-porous and able to be made to measure for your kitchen.


Being non-porous makes it hygienic and resistant to stains and heat

As a non-porous stone, Quartz never needs to be treated or re-sealed to maintain it’s quality. Being non-porous also makes it very hygienic, since no bacteria can grow beneath the surface. It also gives it highly stain resistant properties, so you can go for white with no worries! Any spillages of sauce, red wine or coffee will be no problem as long as it’s wiped up as soon as possible. It’s also heat resistant, so putting down hot pots and pans won’t leave marks.


white quartz worktop


It’s bespoke

Being man made means a Quartz worktop can be custom made to perfectly fit your kitchen, in a shape and size that you’d like best.


It’s friendly to your budget

Despite being engineered to offer plenty of benefits, Quartz is one of the most budget-friendly stones at the moment. You won’t be paying a premium to enjoy all the benefits of this excellent stone.


It makes your kitchen look bigger

If you have a smaller kitchen, white is ideal for making the room look bigger as it reflects light around the room, enhancing the space.


quartz worktop


It’s a neutral colour with a timeless look

A white quartz worktop will go with any colour scheme, so you can have whichever colour kitchen you fancy and switch it up regularly without having to change out your worktops too. White will also never go out of style, so you’ll have a timeless looking kitchen with white Quartz worktops.


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